PAPER TREE & MORE .INC is a USA subsidiary of Chinese factory, which specializing in the production of LED tree and Christmas decorations, the parent company founded in 1988. The parent company is a factory which manufacture high-end and handmade LED Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and home decorations. At present there are about 200 workers and three branch factories , factory area is 12000 square meters. All products are totally handcrafted and with LED lights, whether on the product innovation, shape or on production process is in the leading position in this field .Products are mainly exported to Europe, Americas and Australia.

PAPER TREE & MORE 是一家专业生产圣诞LED灯树和圣诞装饰品的中国工厂的美国分公司,母公司成立于1988年。母公司是一家专门生产高端纯手工圣诞LED灯树、圣诞装饰品和家居装饰品的工厂。工厂现在有工人200名左右,工厂有3个分厂,面积12000平方米。生产的产品是纯手工制作,并加有LED灯泡,无论是在产品创意、造型上,还是在制作工艺上都处于同行业领先地位 。产品主要销往欧洲、美洲和澳大利亚。

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